About Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by the websites you visit. They are widely used to enable the sites to operate or to make their operation more efficient, and to provide information to their owner.

The use of cookies is now the norm for most sites. You can manage and control cookies using your browser. You can also delete them in your browser when you leave the site.

Cookie management

For managing Cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It’s described in your browser’s help menu, which will let you know how to change your Cookie wishes. Cookie Types: “Session Cookies” remain stored in your browser only during your browsing session, i.e. until you leave the site. “Persistent Cookies” remain in your browser after the session (unless you’ve deleted them). “Performance Cookies” collect information about your use of the site, such as visited web pages and error messages, they do not collect information about identified individuals, and the information collected is aggregated so that they are made anonymous. Performance cookies are used to improve the way a website works. “Functionality Cookies” allow the site to remember the choices you make on the website (such as changes in text size, custom pages) or enable services such as comments on a blog. By using this site, you agree that we can place these cookies on your computer/device for the above purposes.

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